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Can the GOP get behind Trump alternative Ted Cruz? (2016) Can the GOP get behind Trump alternative Ted Cruz? (2016) Can the GOP get behind Trump alternative Ted Cruz? (2016)

On 11, Mar 2016 | No Comments | In | By Thom Fain

Can the GOP get behind Trump alternative Ted Cruz? (2016)

Donald Trump’s signature braggadocious style has led him to engineer one of the most remarkable and unapologetic runs at the U.S. presidency ever; it was just three years ago that he was being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, now it would take some “nasty” work by Washington insiders and far-right Super PAC’s to derail his takeover bid.

Or, just Ted Cruz.

As Washington’s Geek-in-Chief Nate Silver pointed out yesterday, 29 percent of primary voters have given Cruz the nod whereas 35 percent have pulled the lever for Trump. Cruz would probably already be winning if it’d been a two man race; Silver suggests he’d have four more states under his belt by now if that were the case.

Cruz’s most recent numbers are as follows: He beats Hillary by 0.8% in national polling, loses to Trump by 14.2 % in primary polling, and sits in third place for contests in Florida & Ohio, while closing in on Trump in Illinois.

Now that the debates are centered less around just whose genitalia is bigger than whose, and policy is front-and-center, we can also assume that Trump and Cruz have driven the discussions of this election cycle, using an unorthodox style for tapping into the pulse of conservatives’ most pressing issues and framing the picture of an upcoming agenda.

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The only problem is that to execute a vision on immigration, trade, welfare and war — both of these city slickers would have to have massive gains in popularity amongst their peers, and show an ability to govern with a hybrid style that perhaps their VP candidate will clarify for the public.

Unilateral decisions are just un-American.

The GOP put their great white hope on Jeb! early on, but the ‘joyful tortoise’ went out with a wimper and then his brother Neil joined the Cruz campaign. Now the forces that be will have to find somebody who can beat Hillary Clinton.

And in an arena battle between Trump and Cruz, the smart money is on Donald Trump. But a lot of people would rather burn their dollar bills than throw them his way, or just exit the arena entirely. His voters are the xenophobic; the fearful, the blue-collar and the needy.

Cruz appeals to the evangelical moralist, the champion small businessman, and the highly educated.

But a real hatred runs in the veins of those who oppose him, which is the majority of America. One neuroscientist recently explained his face makes him hard to vote for. Only 21.8 percent of likely Republican voters approve, and we can only assume that around zero percent of Democrats do.

As for Trump — well, at least he provides an opportunity for comedy.

Either way, the GOP has to deal with it. One of these two men will be their nominee this coming November.

And maybe that’s why RNC Chairman Reince Priebus declared last night that — 100% — the party will support the eventual nominee.

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