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Donald Trump’s Nevada win gives tycoon hottest streak of his life (2016) Donald Trump’s Nevada win gives tycoon hottest streak of his life (2016) Donald Trump’s Nevada win gives tycoon hottest streak of his life (2016)

On 24, Feb 2016 | No Comments | In | By Thom Fain

Donald Trump’s Nevada win gives tycoon hottest streak of his life (2016)

The majority of Americans disapprove of Trump, the front-runner for the GOP nomination. And party elites received a clear message on Tuesday night, that nobody wants their brand of pseudo-virtuous Big Business politics. Its message is un-saleable. A rough gambler and monopolist extraordinaire, WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump has positioned himself both as the embodiment of Republican nerds everywhere, and the anti-establishment tycoon who intends to disrupt Washington permanently.

And he just might do it. Nevada’s thumping may have been a weirdly shady election, but it is another win by a purebred winner. It is undoubtedly Trump territory. The man ran the house, and he’s been running the house since opening a 167,000 square foot casino in Atlantic City that even the King of Pop christened back in 1990:

Here are the numbers:

  • Tuesday’s win in Nevada was Trump’s third straight double-digit win
  • NBC entrance polls had Trump #winning Nevada with those whose #1 issue was the economy (48 percent), terrorism (36 percent) and government spending (37 percent)
  • NBC entrance polls had Trump #winning Nevada with those voters who are politically very conservative (38 percent), somewhat conservative (50 percent) and moderate (55 percent)
  • Donald J. Trump is #winning atop polls for every Super Tuesday state except Texas, the adopted home state of Canadian Ted Cruz

Yet the GOP establishment still thinks it can find an alternative, but its failure to coalesce around any one alternative may have already spelled the writing on the wall: “Trump Wins”. Rubio is a square, and an unthinking pre-programmed Washington pawn, according to Chris Christie. And most would say that the “TrusTed” slogan for the firebrand Texas senator is a running joke, especially Donald Trump:


And now with less than a week ’til Super Tuesday, the Good Ole Party is in a king hell panic mode. It wasn’t until a week ago, after Kasich’s surprising New Hampshire second place finish dropped from recent memory, that the smoke had cleared and three men emerged in a field that originally contained 17.

Marco Rubio looks like the best shot they’ve got at taking down The Donald. Leaders have been spotting him endorsements in a flurry over the past several weeks including one-time presidential candidate Bob Dole, Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch, North Carolina Sen. Thom Tillis and Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson.

Dole says of Rubio: “He wants to grow the party as opposed to [Ted] Cruz. I don’t know what he wants to grow.”

In his Nevada victory speech, Trump had this to say: “I grab, and grab, and grab. You know I get greedy I want money, money.” He then professed how he’d be the commander in chief that got “greedy for the United States.” And only “[by] winning, winning, winning the country.”

And we all wonder, when will his hot streak end?

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